Stafa already invested in a large stock of non-preloaded structural bolts in accordance with EN 15048. Now we are extending our stock with high-strength preloaded bolts according to EN 14399-4. This makes Stafa one of the biggest suppliers of fasteners for steel constructions!

With effect from 1 July 2014 it is a legal requirement under EN-1090-1 for all parts of a bearing steel structure to bear the CE mark. The CE mark requirement is set by the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and the European standard EN 1090-1. This takes account of the starting points for the calculations as laid down in the relevant parts of standard EN 1993 series design and calculation of steel structures. This European standard sets the requirements for the manufacturing properties and, where applicable, the properties of the structural design and the construction calculation. The parts can be used directly in a building structure or as construction parts in the form of a construction kit. The standard applies to construction parts in series and one-off manufactured components, including construction kits.

High-strength structural bolting assemblies for preloading EN 14399
The marking HV is derived from the German term “Hochfest Vorgespannt” refers to a high-strength, preloaded bolt, used in bolt and nut assemblies according to standard EN 14399-4. These bolt assemblies are used in bolt connections of preloaded, load-bearing steel structures. Stafa guarantees that all of the structural bolts in its range meet these requirements.

  • Bolts, nuts, washers shall be supplied together as a set by one manufacturer.
  • High-strength structural bolting assemblies are suitable for preloading in accordance with EN 1090-2 in steel structures.
  • All according to EN 14399-1 general requirements and EN14399-2 Suitability for preloading
  • Marking:
    • Bolts: Property class, manufacturer ID, HV, lot number.
    • Nuts: Property class, manufacturer ID, HV, lot number.
    • Washers : H and manufacturer ID.
  • Labelling EN 14399
    • CE marking, consisting of the “CE”-symbol
    • Identification number of the notified production control certification body
    • Name and the registered address of the manufacturer, or identifying mark
    • Last two digits of the year in which the CE marking was first affixed
    • Reference number of the DoP - No. of European Standard applied, as referenced in OJEU
    • Unique identification code of the product-type
    • Intended use of the product as laid down in the European standard applied
    • Level or class of the performance declared

Below you can find our complete product overview ‘Structural Bolts’ EN 14399. More information can be obtained from our advisors +31 495  599 888. Or take a look at our eshop.