Bagging and kitting

Stafa is the specialist in bagging and kitting of assembly sets or packages of product ranges with various parts or components. With the most modern packaging machines in Europe , we deliver each year millions of packages and sets in small and large series!

Custom made
Your sets can be put together with different fasteners and fixings( screws, nuts,  bolts, rings, plugs, etc.) and other industrial components. For example furniture, window, door and building fittings, electrical and electronic components, synthetic (injection mould) articles and parts for the automobile industry and machine construction. If required, we can also provide any operating instructions or assembly instructions with the sets.

Every desired packaging
For the packaging you can choose all types and sizes of packaging material, for example cardboard boxes in any size, blister packs and  synthetic bags. Stafa takes care of  the necessary labelling on the packaging, All sorts of information important for our customer or the end user/consumer can be placed on this. Think for example of business logos, article numbers, descriptions, EAN codes, batch numbers, serial numbers, etc. If required we can provide ‘thermal transfer printing’ so that we print the information directly on the foil.

Efficient and cost saving
Out sourcing of bagging and kitting, results in attractive financial and operational savings for your organization. The purchase of just one article (number) eliminates unclear overhead costs and the cost structure is made transparent for you as a customer. Besides, errors are as good as ruled out thanks to our 100% continual controls and we can put your sets in our stock. A ll this offers optimization of your supply chain, a lower total cost of ownership and higher availability with a reduced burden on your capital.

More about the services Stafa has to offer, you find here. For more information feel free to contact our staff!