Stafa Group

Stafa Group: united in trusted quality

Stafa Group: a name for trusted partnership. Stafa Group offers the best answer to any question in the wide field of fasteners. Always. With the highest level of flexibility and quality and with both an enterprising and a personal outlook. Just as you have come to expect of us over the last 35 years.

Always insured of the best

The experts of  Stafa Trading, Stafa Industry, Stafa Specia Parts, Stafa Assembly, Stafa Retail and Stafa Direct are now more strongly unified under the robust umbrella of Stafa Group. Whether we are efficiently taking care of all your logistics for fasteners, deliver a complete package of premium-quality standard fasteners and special components manufactured according to customer specification, ensuring the best packaging method or arranging your imports at the best conditions: you are always guaranteed of quality and service.

The power of the connection

This is actually the power of our connection. A connection that we as Stafa Group share with one another, with our suppliers, with the worldwide market and particularly with you.

Stafa Group: We connect Quality & Flexibility