Stafa Direct is specialized in the direct import of fasteners from Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand.

Purchasing via Stafa Direct will enable you to acquire products according to your specifications and on the best conditions. You have an immediate price advantage without this being at the expense of quality. Importing large volumes in containers ourselves enables us to advise and assist easily and cheaply other companies that need much smaller quantities. This makes a considerable difference to the costs. The goods will be delivered to you in containers straight from our factory. We can even arrange the entire import procedure for you if you wish, including import and transport from the port to the address stated.

Direct importing means for you that your order is produced in one of our factories in the above countries and then sent directly by container to your warehouse or wherever in Europe. Stafa Direct does not hold any stocks and thus distinguishes itself from other wholesalers and is therefore able to work within a low margin. Most manufacturers currently operate a period of ca. four months, which is necessary to produce your order. Then there is one month sailing time. This makes for a total delivery period of about five months before the goods are finally delivered to you. Adjustments are possible subject to consultation. It is important to mention that you will bear full responsibility for the entire process. Orders are usually only accepted for a minimum of one container per product group (e.g., DIN 934). There may be exceptions to this whereby “mixed” containers are also ordered.

Our factories are very flexible when it comes to packaging. This is normally enough to complete your wishes as regards the type of box, labels, number of boxes, etc. The costs of this are very low, certainly in comparison with the rest of Europe. The product can also be supplied with your brand.

Many (wholesale) dealers, cooperatives, DIY chains and distributors are familiar with Stafa Direct.

Can Stafa Direct do anything for you? Please feel free to contact us. This is possible directly via one of our staff or via our contact page.