With Stafa you are assured of quality. We feel strong about quality and regularly take quality control measures on our products, services & processes. Stafa is ISO 9001 certified.

Product quality
All incoming goods are randomly subjected to our quality control. We test the quality of our products in-house. We carry out tensile testing on our own tensile testing machinery, hardness measurements, microscopic surface controls and salt spray testing in our own laboratory. We also check for wiring deviations. If required, we will also supply certificates. With our own offices in Asia (China and Taiwan), we are close to the action, e.g., when it comes to sourcing and quality control. For our imports, we only work with certified suppliers whom we visit regularly.

Process quality
Stafa continually monitors its processes and adjusts these where necessary. Our packaging machines are supplied with integrated weighing systems and final check weighers. These are very accurate (0.1 gram). The products are counted individually via detection systems in the machines prior to weighing. We then carry out a further check on our output in accordance with an AQL norm if necessary. We thus guarantee a 100 per cent check on the composition, content and weight and as high a level of accuracy as possible.