Whatever your wish is, we will carry it out for you! Flexible reaction to our customers’ specific wishes is one of our strengths. Think for example of the following:

We provide
corrosion-preventive surface treatment in-house. We also carry out electrolytic, thermal and mechanical galvanizing. We are however also the right address for Geomet®, Dacromet®, sherardizing/diffusion galvanizing or Zincrolyte® coating.

Bagging & kitting: we have over 15 years experience in bagging and kitting and are the clear market specialist in this field. Stafa has the most modern packaging machines in Europe for this production process. With bagging and kitting, we mean the (fully automatic) production of assembly sets/kits or the packaging of product ranges with various parts or components.

Private labelling, the delivery of complete sales packaging of fasteners and services for businesses launching their own “brand” or “label” packaging onto the market.  In order to further take the load off you, we can also provide all types and sizes of packaging material or advise you on this. If our customer already has its own supplier for this, we can take care of purchasing and stock management for the customer so that this goes smoothly throughout the entire process.

We can also
manage your stocks as well as our own. Do you not have sufficient space to maintain your own stocks, do you wish to outsource the risks involved in maintaining stocks or to keep the costs as low as possible? We have sufficient space to also store and manage your stocks. Our warehouses offer space for more than 20,000 pallets and 15,000 box locations.

Product sourcing; as well as supplying standard fasteners (DIN/ISO), we can also supply special components manufactured to customer-specific specifications/drawings.

C parts management: we can handle the entire C parts process (no consumer articles) for you. The acquisition of C parts is quite an expensive undertaking. Entrusting this process to us will enable you to keep your costs as low as possible.

We have a very high delivery level due to the introduction of a paperless warehouse. We can also turn our hand to just in time and speed deliveries.