Stafa Group operates on the basis of its mercantile spirit. This entrepreneurial attitude enables us to find a suitable solution for each problem. We can react adequately to external and internal changes. We are leading the market through the delivery of total solutions. Our organization is moving continually, in search of new ideas for optimizing business processes, busy developing progressive concepts and possibilities for improving services to our (future) customers. Stafa Group is a progressive and dynamic organization that wishes to achieve the maximum in the future. When you think of fasteners, think of Stafa! 

  • We restructured our positioning in 2012. The businesses Stafa Holland, Gopak and Neofast will be working as one organization under the name Stafa Group in order to better service the market for fasteners and to generate brand familiarity. A new house style with the pay-off “Connecting Quality & Flexibilty” and a revamped website will have to support the newly chosen route.
  • Autumn 2012 will see the start of the construction of an extra facility of 1,500 square metres in which Stafa Assembly’s Private Label Department will be housed. This will increase the total working area to around 15,000 square metres.